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Welcome to G6 K9 Dog Training

The Best Training in Town!

Understanding Your Animals

Sharing your home with an animal can be a dream or a nightmare. Making sure your animal is well trained will give both of you more time to enjoy each other’s company. My modern training system is full of fun techniques that will give you and your pet a happier life together.
Training a dog is like fixing a car. I can fix the car and make it the best car in the world, but no matter how good the car is, if you can't drive it correctly or take care of it, it will never last. My goal is to not only train dogs to be the best, but I train owners to be the best as well. Your dog wants to get better. Do you?


All About Eugene "Gee" Leach

Experienced Dog Trainer/Decoy

G6 K9 Dog Training started out of Decatur, Georgia by Eugene "Gee" Leach. In 2020, Gee decided to follow his passion of training dogs and making it his career. After years of training for the love of dogs he decided to follow that passion and become a full-time dog trainer. Gee specializes in on and off leash obedience, decoy work, personal protection, and behavioral modification. Browse the site and contact Gee for more information, events, and rates. Looking forward to working with you!

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Check out some of my most popular services below to get an idea on the types of courses I offer.

Board and Train


- Too busy for private lessons or classes? 

- Would it be so much easier to send your pup off to Boarding school for a few weeks to get them the proper training they need while saving you so much time?


Our Board and Train programs consist of either on leash obedience or advanced off leash obedience. We will train your pup as if they were a service animal. Wether you just want your dog to have proper manners at home with family and guest or you'd like to be able to travel the world with your dog stress free of behavioral issues. We have a Board and Train Program just for you! At the end of this program, your dog will be able to perform commands such as come, sit, heel, down, and place. All these commands will be able to be done with or without distractions. In this package half of the payment is due up front and pay the second half at the end of the program.

Please Call or Email for Pricing


Board and Train with Protection Training


Wether you are need a dog for personal protection or want to get into sport, we can help you with either!


Please call or email for pricing.

*Every dog is not capable of this work.

Contact for more details!

One on One Sessions
Group Classes


 One on one sessions are private sessions that begin as in-home or private location sessions. We begin with fixing at-home problems and throughout each session we eventually work our way to teach your dog how to act in public and become a good citizen.


Weekend group classes​ are held at 3 PM, every Saturday in Stockbridge, GA .  We have multiple deals on group classes. We start at our base location in Stockbridge GA and each week we have sessions at multiple locations including stores and parks to expose your pet to multiple environments as well as properly teach them  how to behave anywhere you take them. Please book, call, or email beforehand.​​ Drop ins are welcome!



 Don't know which route you'd like to go for training? Schedule an Evaluation!

If you are having trouble finding the right package for you and your pup, come in for a quick 30 minute evaluation. In this evaluation, we will put your pup through several test to evaluate their temperament, Obedience level capability, see first hand the issues you may be having as well as come up with solutions that may be able to save you time and money. If you'd like we can travel to you for a affordable fee!


Going on Vacation? Family Emergency? need to board your pup while you're gone? We will board your pup while you enjoy your vacation. Your pup will be well taken care of in our top of the line climate controlled kennel where your dog can choose to be indoor or outdoor. your pup will be under 24 hour surveillance, and walked 3 times per day. We will keep your pup on your feeding schedule and we take in dogs of any size and temperament.

Many Dogs

"Once you have a wonderful dog, a life without one is a life diminished."

Dean Koontz

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3779 Union Church Rd Stockbridge GA 30281


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