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What does G6 K9 Dog Training do differently than other trainers?

Here at G6 K9 Dog Training, our mission is to not only train dogs, but we train owners as well. Our goal is for you to eventually not need us.

What is your training methodology?

Here at G6 K9 Dog training we want to keep dogs motivated to want to learn and train. If the dog is bored or if there is no reward, they will be unwilling to learn. That's why we are so successful here at G6 K9!

What types of animals do G6 K9 Dog Training train?

We train dogs of all shapes, sizes, and ages. No matter what your problem is, we are here to help you fix it!

Where do dogs stay during board and trains?

During board and trains, your dog will personally stay with one of our trainers in their home where we cater to the dog's needs. The dog will travel with us to be introduced to different environments. We believe in treating your dog as if it was our own.

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